The Hala tree is native to Hawaii. The term “lauhala” refers to the lau, or leaves of the hala tree. Lauhala are long, strong and water resistant.  Lauhala has been used for hundreds of years to weave mats and strong sails that Hawaiian used to travel thousands of mile across the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian term for this weave is Ulana lauhala.

Some dedicate their lives to the practice of ulana. Traditionally students must learn directly from their kumu (teacher) .  Weavers believe that their mana or spiritual energy flows into their creation, while working weavers make a effort to have good intentions and to not talk bad about others .

Current ulana practitioners use traditional methods to create contemporary fashions : purses, hats, bangle bracelets and earrings.

 The ulana art featured on this print is from bangle bracelets weaved by big Island weavers .


Adorn your self in Ulana Lauhala. 


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