Vintage Aloha Print features two different Hawaiian Quilt patterns, the ti leaf and the protea flower.  This print is hand painted and stamped using a Balinese printing method called Batik.

This unique Hawaiian textile was born in the 1800's when the missionaries brought quilting to Hawaii.  Hawaiians made their own unique artistic style incorporating Hawaiian culture and designs used in kapa and nature. 

Hawaiian quilting is a pastime with great significance to Hawaiian culture and not just for artistic purposes.  When the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy happened in 1893 and the illegal occupation of America took place it brought about a new era in quilt making. This was a time when expressing symbols of the monarchy was considered treason and quilts were used to empower the Hawaiian people and as a silent resistance against the illegal occupation of the U.S.  These designs included Crowns, the Hawaiian code of arms, flags, and symbols of chiefs and nobles. 

Today quilting is still a prominent part of Hawaiian and local culture.  Quilts are often given as gifts for a new baby or wedding and will be passed down as a heirloom for generations to come.


                                            Adorn yourself in Vintage Aloha