Legend says that Hawaiian goddess Pele fell in love with a handsome warrior named Ohia, she asked him to marry her but Ohia had already pledged his love to Lehua. Pele was furious when Ohia turned down her proposal, so she turned Ohia into a twisted tree.

Lehua was heartbroken,of course. The gods took pity on Lehua and decided it was injustice to leave the lovers separated.  They thus turned Lehua into a flower on the Ohia tree so that the two lovers would be forever joined together .

Adorn yourself in Ohia Lehua.


Native to Hawai'i, Lehua blossoms play a major role in Hawaiian culture.  

Unfortunately this sacred tree has succumb to ROD ( rapid ohia death) it needs your help! To donate and learn more please visit https://cms.ctahr.hawaii.edu/rod/HOW-TO-HELP